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Evening meal

The evening meal, also known as dinner, is usually a privileged moment of sharing around tasty recipes. For example, dinner can mean bringing a family together around the table to share the anecdotes that have marked each member's day. But dinner can also be a one-to-one meeting between two lovers or friends who want to have a good time. No matter how important the evening meal is, it is always accompanied by succulent dishes. And with our many recipe ideas on foodcookiesrecipes you can make these evening meals simple, quick to make, easy to prepare and absolutely unforgettable. Follow the guide and let yourself be carried away by our various recipes and ideas of all kinds that will allow you to show off your family or friends.

Essential ingredients for evening meals

If you want a quick and easy meal to prepare nothing better than a good raclette, made with melted cheese, potatoes and cold meats such as ham, accompanied by a small salad and a few tomatoes, you'll be a sensation! But rather than limiting yourself to this simple recipe why not make a real culinary masterpiece with this delicious recipe for Potato Hedgehog Chaussiflette. Melted cheese, potatoes and a little ham and you won't have to take out the raclette machine. This is a hearty but succulent meal with a green salad and some tomatoes. Delicious!

With potatoes, there are plenty of recipes to choose from. You will be able to compose a whole range of purees to satisfy both young and old gourmets: simple puree, possibly improved with cream or grated Emmental cheese, Lepetit Camembert puree or even goat's cheese puree, the possibilities are numerous. Don't hesitate to make gratins dauphinois or stewed potatoes that you can accompany with ham and a small salad.

And for an even more elaborate dinner, you can look for ideas among our stuffed potatoes like this succulent potato dish stuffed with spinach and bacon.

Eggs are also an essential ingredient for evening meals. With it, you can enjoy many easy meals at your fingertips. All forms of egg are good for an evening meal. Soft boiled eggs with bread fingers, omelettes, hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs. A simple and easy treat for the whole family.

On foodcookiesrecipes, you will also find many simple and easy recipe ideas to make with tomatoes or vegetables such as courgette. Pasta can also be an alternative for evening meals. They are used in the composition of pasta in sauce, pasta with cheese but also pasta salads.

A little extra tip: when you go shopping, think about buying some essentials to brighten up your evening dinners. This can be grated cheese or cheese of your choice but also fresh cream or milk. This will open up an even wider range of possibilities for you to develop the recipes you want.

Quick and easy recipes for a successful evening meal

Now that you've bought the ingredients you need to make your evening meals for the whole week, let's take a look at some recipes that will only take you a few minutes to prepare but will be delicious on your plate.

For example, you can make spinach and egg au gratin. While the name of the recipe may give the impression that it will take a long time to prepare, the reality is quite different. In just 10 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of cooking time, your meal will be ready. All you have to do is cook your spinach and then mix it with béchamel before covering it with hard-boiled eggs and a little breadcrumbs that will gratinate on top of the dish. A recipe to fill up with vitamins.

If you prefer something lighter, then make way for this vegetable casserole. Zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, bulgur, a little parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt and you will have a lighter evening dish that will make Madame say you are a real cook. You can then propose a small dessert to end the dinner on a sweet note.

Do you feel like surprising your friends and cooking them easy dishes to eat in front of your football match? Here's an idea for you, a chicken and pea quiche or make them some pasta. But not just anyhow, try the recipe for Tagliatelle with creamy ricotta cheese, smoked salmon and asparagus.

Raclette, pasta, all kinds of vegetable recipes, tuna pie, what are you going to concoct on the menu tonight? Choose your recipe on foodcookiesrecipes and make a light or quick dish or both to delight all your guests.

Menu idea from A to Z

For a gourmet yet very simple menu for your evening meals, start by making a butternut velouté à la fourme d'Ambert as a starter or a creamy courgette soup, then treat your family to a vegetarian moussaka or mashed endives with ham and finish with a La Laitière yoghurt French toast or more simply with a Greek-style yoghurt.

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