Mexico: Huevos Rancheros

What are huevos rancheros?

This is the most famous breakfast in Mexico: huevos rancheros.

How do you make huevos rancheros?

Huevos rancheros or "ranch style eggs" are a real institution and a complete meal since they include tortillas, nachos, mashed beans, eggs, avocado, cilantro, tomatoes and a delicious spicy sauce.

Sometimes we even add fried rice, sausages, sour cream and why not melted cheese directly on top of the nachos, those delicious, particularly crispy corn chips. The red sauce made with tomatoes and peppers is sometimes replaced by a salsa verde (or green sauce), always made with the same ingredients but green this time!

The eggs are almost always fried but sometimes they are poached. This recipe is then called huevos ahogados. Finally, sometimes the eggs are scrambled directly in the sauce or on the side and placed on top.

Huevos divorciados (divorced eggs) are two eggs presented in the same way as huevos rancheros, but with a different sauce for each egg, typically a salsa roja (red sauce) and a salsa verde (green sauce).

Nowadays, this breakfast is served rather late and is then used as a brunch or even as lunch, as it is so copious. Mexico being a neighbour of Texas has been copied this recipe. According to the culinary writer Clementine Paddleford, a version became widely popular in the 1950s. It featured poached eggs in a tomato sauce with bacon and toast, a breakfast that is reminiscent of the most typical American brunch. In Mexico, all the elements are laid on wheat flour or corn tortillas and then fried in very hot oil. The tomato sauce with peppers and chili peppers is called chili sauce or more generally enchilada sauce, we like ours particularly spicy.

All Mexicans know the huevos rancheros, so much so that the recipe is widely mentioned in the popular culture of the country. Songs praise the virtues of this breakfast, many films show this dish in certain sequences, huevos rancheros are even at the heart of an erotic comedy film from the 80s.

It is the breakfast in front of which the whole family meets, regardless of social background or region of this country of more than 127 million inhabitants. This breakfast is suitable for the greatest number of people, it is not expensive, may or may not be vegetarian, and above all it allows you to empty your cupboard.

Eggs for breakfast

The many combinations it offers make it possible to vary it with pleasure and never get tired of it. A day never starts properly without a generous portion of eggs and all kinds of delicacies.

These recipes are so basic and delicious that they can be found all over the world, the Middle Eastern chakchouka (or ojja), the British bacon fried eggs, the French tomato scramble, the Indian curry fried eggs and so many other succulent versions. It must be said that eggs, in addition to being economical, are excellent for health and many contemporary studies ensure that they do not contribute to potential excess cholesterol as we previously thought. Coriander, avocado, tomatoes and peppers provide a serious dose of fresh vegetables that are excellent for health. Beans such as tortillas are good for the body and help you to cope with a long day's work.

The huevos rancheros alone symbolize a large part of the Mexican identity and culture, they are as colourful as the country's flag, the houses and streets or the painting of the famous Frida Kahlo. They are spicy like the character of our Mexican friends and above all gather all the typical products of this gastronomy. Avocado, beans, coriander, tomato, chilli, corn and peppers are the basis of many recipes and this combination of taste is the marker par excellence of the taste of the Mexicans.

We never start our days without eggs and after discovering this fantastic and tasty recipe, we are sure to add it to our "top list". This dish is so comforting, colourful and fragrant that it naturally heralds a great day!

Huevos Rancheros

  • ·        Prep Time : 10 min
  • ·        Cook Time : 20 min.
  • ·         Servings: 2 persons

The huevos rancheros or "ranch style eggs" are a true Mexican institution and a complete meal based on eggs and tomatoes that is mainly served for breakfast.


  • ·        3 tomatoes (ripe), peeled and halved
  • ·        1 baby, cut into large chunks
  • ·        2 cloves of garlic, peeled
  • ·        1 Serrano pepper, stemmed, deseeded and halved
  • ·        Salt
  • ·        Pepper , freshly ground

Huevos Rancheros

  • ·        4 corn tortillas
  • ·        4 eggs
  • ·        60 g cottage cheese, crumbled
  • ·        1 bunch of fresh coriander, chopped
  • ·        1 jar of frijole purée (beans)
  • ·        1 avocado , sliced (optional)
  • ·        Vegetable oil



·        In a blender, blend the tomatoes, chilli, fresh onion and garlic until you obtain a homogeneous sauce.

·        In a saucepan, heat a little oil and cook the sauce over medium-low heat for about 15 minutes, stirring regularly.

·        Season with salt and pepper. Stir well.

·        In a frying pan, heat 4 tablespoons of oil over medium heat. Fry the tortillas for one minute on each side.

·        In another frying pan, heat 6 tablespoons of oil and fry the whole eggs (on the plate). Season with salt and pepper.

Assembly of the dish 
·        Place 2 corn tortillas on each plate.

·        Place the mashed frijoles on top, on the side, and half of the sliced avocado (optional).

·        In the center of each corn tortilla, place an egg on the dish and then the tomato sauce.

·        Sprinkle with cream cheese and coriander.
·        Enjoy immediately.

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